We are in the so-called "Plaza de los Inmigrantes", a walk precisely to remember the dozens of communities that were formed in Fray Bentos by the arrival of emigrants from more than fifty nations of the world.

The work in our meat industry, was a constant call and this walk, has numerous milestones with platelets reminding each of these multitudinous origins. There, Embassies, Social and cultural communities, etc. They have placed their platelets taking our minds to those years when people came to Uruguay in search of peace, work and a better future.

As we are on top of one of the highest ravines in the city, it is possible to turn this trip into another attraction: a viewpoint towards the Uruguay River. There, a few meters away, is the river and the precise place where visionaries men found in the natural and deep harbor, the possibility of recreating their dreams. There Fray Bentos began as a community attached to the river, a few years before 1859.

You can see the facilities of the overseas port, in all the extension of a wide panorama. On the right, the bulk silos built in the decade of the '60, with capacity for ten thousand tons of grains.

It is also possible to see the facilities of the "official dock" built in 1930 to obtain a reliable resource that the river gave us; a place to send and receive all kinds of merchandise. During the golden decades of Uruguayan exports, the grains constantly came out to the world.

Today the port is adapting to the realities of the new world and to the requirements of investors to use it as a springboard for our national productions to the world.