Iglesia Católica


The Founding Society of Fray Bentos (1859) gave as a donation to the national government several plots of land to house them buildings and services of the community that was founded. One of them, was designated for Catholic Church, to be built under the invocation of Our Lady of the Pillar.

In September 1861, when the village had only 64 stone houses and about 600 inhabitants, the delineation of the building for the church began. A year later, the construction was already like to place the vault. It will be made publicly available in 1863.
Two little bells needed to alert the population of possible disturbances at that time politically complicated, and the high altar and the image of the Purísima Concepción were donated by the family of José Hargain, the French Basque considered the first resident in the form of the area .

There are no names prior to 1865 to assign the first priest of the town called Andrés Carballal, arrived at the Villa from Paysandú.

As a result of a raging fire caused by the fall of lightning on October 20, 1868, the building was really damaged which forced to think of a total renovation.

Towards 1888, a movement was created in order to provide a renovated building to the Church taking advantage of the part that was assigned to the Department in a loan for public works received by the national government.

The works began in 1889 and were inaugurated on December 8, 1891 in celebration of the feast of the Patroness of the Church.

In 1896, the Presbyter Antonio Echeverría was summoned to receive a family inheritance in Spain and when he returned he brought as a donation of his money, the clock for the church.

The current building received modifications in 1933 and in 1960.