Meaning of the shield

In a set that surround laurel and olive branches, it crowns a band with the name of Río Negro. In a superior painting, the silhouettes of a group of gauchos patriots on horseback raised in arms, brandishing swords and spears of cane tacuara, mean the "Battle of the Corner", by which 250 Orientals commanded by General Fructuoso Rivera defeated two Portuguese army corps of 700 soldiers, on September 24, 1825. The territory where this feat was developed, is today within what is our Department, very close to the city of Fray Bentos, departmental capital, then called the area as Rincon de las Gallinas or de Haedo, referring to the Spanish owners of the land.

Separating this upper field of two minors located below, there is a strip where we read "WE ARE INDUSTRY AND WEALTH", alluding to the benefits from the agrarian, livestock and fluvial point of view of this region of Uruguay.
In the lower fields, it is observed; On the left, the image of a cow, meaning one of the elements that characterized the area because here the rational use of livestock wealth began, with the establishment of numerous salting grounds, since the early nineteenth century.
In the field on the right, the Shield integrates an anchor on a background that alludes to the waves of the celestial river, bringing to mind the importance of the Uruguay River

The shield is representative of the industrial possibilities that this region of the western coast of Uruguay has, composed of six Department or political subdivisions.

As for the coat of arms, it was created by Municipal Decree of January 28, 1943, thus confirming the decision of the jury that it understood in the study of works presented by various artists.
The winner was Mr. Juan José Zamora.