From the port of the former Anglo frigo, towards the Argentine horizon, it is possible to see a protuberance on the surface of the water. Even jokingly some say it is a whale in the Uruguay River. But no, it is the remains of the DRAGA C-2 of the Argentine Ministry of Public Works that performed dredging tasks on the access channel to the Gualeguaychú River, precisely at the mouth of the Uruguay River, kilometer zero; at the height of kilometer 90 of Uruguay. On a fateful night of April 1959, a strong wind and very bad weather conditions caused the boat to "turn the bell". Eight of their crew lost their lives and three managed to save themselves. The day before the shipwreck, the crew was dredging the access channel to the Gualeguaychú River and they were surprised by very bad atmospheric conditions that were verified at the beginning of the great floods of 1959. Sponsor Tomado de la narración del historiador de Gualeguaychú, Gustavo Rivas en su blog: http://gurivas.blogspot.com.ar/, quien documentó la historia oficial del incidente.