Founded on June 1, 1907 under the name of Liebig Football Club, under the presidency of Guillermo Stalker; the name came from the Liebig Extract of Meat Company. It was precisely in the place where English ships arrived continuously as it was the port of the salting, where they began to see this strange sport that was enthusing young people and some employees and managers of the factory. They founded, on June 1, 1907, the team that was called Liebig's Football Club. His coat was initially with horizontal white and red stripes, white pants and red socks. The first institutional steering committee was formed by Guillermo Stalker as President, Guillermo Young as Vice President, Rogelio Mora as Secretary, Fernando Curti as Treasurer and as members: Carmelo Delfino, Antonio Torres and José Stagi. The team found its first rivals in the sailors and crew of the foreign cruisers that arrived at the Saladero, like the "Southampton", the "Darmouth" and others. The strength with which this institution began, in addition to the possibilities of connection that it had, gives the Liebig Football Club the honor of being the one that played one of the first international soccer matches in the country, (the first one between Orientals and British) facing in 1908 a team of the crew of the English ship "Hiade", winning the premises by 6-0 !. The same year also disputes matches in the Argentine cities of Gualeguaychú and Colón and the first interdepartmental match of Uruguay with the Club Rovers de Mercedes. On September 6, 1908, they will draw at Mercedes and the rematch on October 4 would give the Mercedarians a 1-0 victory. The Liebig's Football Club inaugurated its new court on August 26, 1923 (the second in its sports history). For several years it was located on the grounds of the saladero passing the Arroyo Laureles, where today is the baby soccer complex of the Independent Club, of the Mechanized Infantry Battalion No.9. The institution, to promote a seedbed of players, very successfully promoted a Junior Championship in 1924. The club that had changed its name to Club Atlético Liebig, soon had to adapt to the circumstances of the new owners of the factory and in 1928 A meeting of partners decided to change it again to become Anglo Athletic Club. On June 13, 1912, the then Liebig Football Club and the Fray Bentos Fútbol Club were founders of the Departmental Football League of Río Negro.