The so-called "Big House" is the mansion built in 1868 by the engineer Georg Giebert, first industrial manager of the Liebig's Extract of Meat Company. Located in a point near the factory, the construction allowed room for all the hierarchies from its construction until the factory system closed at the end of 1970. The mansion had sections for the Manager's room and his family; a sector for services and another to host visitors. In its surroundings, other buildings were built to house services such as dairy, vegetable garden, stables, etc. Currently the "Casa Grande" is owned by the municipal government and there has led to the restoration and historical value-patrimonial. The Room "Luis Meyer" contains museographic material of who was one of the main Managers of the factory, from 1899 to 1915. In a backyard, there is an interesting botanical park, with numerous species brought from different parts of the world.