Balneario "Las Cañas"

"LAS CAÑAS" is a beautiful place close to Fray Bentos (8 km) which can be easily accessed by paved roads, well signposted and illuminated in special sections. You can go from Fray Bentos taking Roberto Young street or using the so-called "Panoramic Route" which is the continuation of the coastal promenade that takes you to the Fray Bentos Industrial Landscape (Museum of the Industrial Revolution).

"Las Cañas" has an excellent natural component on the coasts of the Uruguay River, with beaches separated by boulders or ravines. The autochthonous mountain almost reaches the edge of the waters in some places. In the main property of the Spa, services and tour operators are available in the fields of accommodation, gastronomy, entertainment and entertainments, artisans, etc. In addition, there is an excellent opportunity to stay in municipal motels, in houses in the adjacent Town Center or place your tent in the various areas with services that is made available.

"Las Cañas" is municipal property since the 40s, when the property belonging to the National Institute of Colonization was requested. Since the 1960s, much progress has been made in the provision of services and improvements to enjoy attractiveness throughout the year.

The town center next to the beaches has a good accommodation offer.