ANGLO FRIGO: SCALE On the outskirts of the factory, there were numerous pens, ready to receive up to 35,000 cattle or sheep. They came from distant places, from the deep interior of the country, in rooms that were owned by the company. In the Estancia "La Pileta" less than 15 kilometers away, the troops were received and there they let rest and replace the animals, sometimes tired of so many kilometers of transfer. Along with them, the "troperos" were responsible for managing these wild groups of animals. A "troop trail" in some section cutting deep into the ravines, allowed to bring animals directly from the nearby ranch. When they arrived at the corrals, the animals passed by a scale to control their weight. There was also the place where the troperos rested, some of whose rooms are kept as part of the property occupied by the Nativist Society "El Rincón". Surely you will find some of those responsible for the care of this place to show you the balance and other things of interest. Adjacent to this space, there is a mountain of ombúes, a large arboreal plant that is commonly solitary in the field, but which is shown here as a rarity with more than a dozen specimens.